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Our Mission

Our mission at Reset is to empower individuals to live life on their own terms, move through persistent pain and manage their health independently. Pain and injury are complicated issues that require holistic management paying respect to the complexity of the person in pain, rather than an overly simplistic, biomedical approach. The medical system has lots to offer to those dealing with persistent pain but making an informed decision regarding what would be the best way forward within the multitude of approaches is often difficult to navigate. It is important for this reason that pain is managed with view to the “bio-psycho-social” model.

The ‘bio-psycho-social’ (BPS) model of care acknowledges that health and pain is a multi-dimensional phenomenon influenced by what happens in our bodies, in our mind and in the world around us. The biopsychosocial model is a framework where a health provider can systematically consider the biological, psychological and social contextual factors that can contribute to a patient’s health (Adams & Turk, 2018). When applying the BPS model, each major factor and its relationships must be taken into account when planning the management. The image below depicts the complexity of the individual in pain, and gives credence to the necessity of an informed, holistic approach.


The narrative around persistent pain is often one that lacks hope; that learning to live with the pain is the best option. While it is true that we need to foster acceptance of the condition, it is important to know that with holistic care and guidance, significant improvement of quality of life can be reached. While there is no short term fix for these problems, we at Reset teach skills for one to be self sufficient in managing their pain.



About Martina

Martina is an Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) titled pain physiotherapist with work
experience in Australia, Switzerland and Germany. She is currently a senior physiotherapist in the
interdisciplinary, outpatient Network Pain Management Program Precision Ascend, Melbourne and
an Instructor for “Explain Pain” and “GMI” courses for Neuro-Orthopaedic Institute (NOI), Adelaide.. Since finishing her Yoga Teacher Training in 2019, her current interest is to blend yoga therapy, cold water therapy and pain science within both her pain management work as well as her small integrative allied health clinic in Port Melbourne. 

She started her career in the field of musculoskeletal and sports medicine, including a postgraduate diploma in Manipulative Therapy and a Master of Science at Curtin University Perth. However, since working within the interdisciplinary ADAPT Pain Management Team in Sydney, her work focus has been predominantly in the area of persistent pain. Since 2000 she has been running continuous education courses based on pain science and cognitive behavioural on both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Since 2014 she has been involved in the set-up, teaching and evaluation of a ‘Specialised Pain Physiotherapy’ course through the Special Interest Group ‘Pain and Movement’ by the German Pain Society. She regularly publishes and translates in textbooks and scientific journals in German and English.

Since relocating to Melbourne in December 2013, she has had annual tutoring commitments with La Trobe University for the Pain Science module in the Advanced Clinical Sciences Master. She is also currently a mentor in the Local Pain Educator Program, which is run through the PAIN REVOLUTION.

With 20 years of teaching commitments, she still remains enthusiastic to bring pain science into
clinical practice.


Martina is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, Australian Pain Society and the
German Pain Society.

You can find out more about Martina;

Precision health ASCEND Pain Management Program




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