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Sleep, Breathing and Wim Hof


Here are 3 of our best online resources for sleep as a starting point:


What would happen if you didn’t sleep:


Circadian rhythms


5 tips for falling asleep



Matthew Walker, a neuroscientist who wrote the book ‘Why we sleep:


Additional links to Matthew Walker, him describing aspect of the book:



The next two are explaining reasons for sleeping via a couple of other links - the material is endless, however I thought that those provide a nice summary.


Belly Breathing

A couple of Yogic breathing techniques:

a) slowly breathing in/out through the nose or in through the nose and out through the mouth (belly breath)


b) Breath retention – we practised on the Inhalation, but it can also be done on the exhalation


A link to the “Breath with Sound”, which hopefully describes it useful.

Yogic breath for cooling the body (hissing breath)

WIM HOF - cold water therapy/breathing exercises/mindset

Jo ROGAN interview


If you join the free mini class it will take you through the three elements: breath cold meditation/mindset


His App is interesting – as it starts you off very slowly:

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