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Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness


Neil Pearson and Yoga for Pain Care

Yoga for menopause

Yoga for pregnancy


Chair yoga



Meditation for beginner’s information and practice video


Meditation on calming the nervous system with Vidyamala Burch (she has her own experience with chronic pain and teaches mindfulness)


Meditation from Jon Kabat-Zinn who teaches meditation in hospital settings

Here is a mindfulness exercise from headspace on strengthening concentration and focus you might find helpful too:

A video on how to meditate:


Here’s a meditation exercise for beginners with Deepak Chopra:



Mindfulness and the brain


Short intro to mindfulness practice


Article on 101 ways to be mindful, not just sitting in meditation:


Here a couple of mindfulness exercises for improved focus:


Examples for Body Scans – you will find different length of Body Scans on either youtube or Meditation/Relaxation APPs

3 minutes


30 minutes


Or the Breathing/Meditation APP that has all sorts of options for working on breathing/relaxation 

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