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Conversations and action have been key to growth and clarity - Athol Robinson Award Update

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Over the last couple of months I have had some brilliant conversations. My monthly catch ups with Ann Davey from Massage & Myotherapy Australia (MMA) are invaluable in that I need to be able to articulate what I have been doing (a great motivator) and the impact, which forces me to reflect on how those conversations have been shaping my thinking and how that will translate in into action.

Last update I had just recorded the podcast with Melbourne Institute of Massage and Myotherapy (MIMT), when MMA invited me to talk on their connect series. Although a bit intimidating I had a really good chat to Dave Sheehan who made me feel at ease and we took a wander through my career path from zoologist to educator and facilitator to my current exploration of massage therapy. Thinking about what to say and understanding why I have done what I have helps me to understand what I have really enjoyed and listening back to these interviews, you can hear the passion in my voice when I talk about what I love. That is so important when considering any kind of career or change - we spend a long time working so we should enjoy it.

The resulting clarity was perfect as I needed to work on my business plan which was identified as a gap for me as part of the Athol Robinson Award mentoring support. Ann introduced me to Virginia Shaw who mentors business owners and who has vast experience in business, agriculture, entrepreneurialism, wellness and coaching. Working through my business plan with Virginia and deeply thinking about my customer and my vision has really helped me work out where my passion and business intersect and map out my next steps.

That conversation led to an introduction to Raelene Clark, a practitioner in Massage & Myotherapy with a background in beauty therapy, medical science and research and academia. Raelene is also a Director on the MMA board and works with Pain Free WA. Her extensive and varied background has led her to develop an holistic approach to pain management and our conversation confirmed that I was on the right track and that it was area that is really accelerating with advances in neuroscience and the recognised interplay with psychology, social wellbeing, connection and pain.

Around the same time I had met a Pain Physiotherapist, Martina Egan-Moog who is a leader in pain science and behavioural medicine with extraordinary experience both in Australia and internationally. Martina is a fount of knowledge who continues to inspire me to pursue and develop my knowledge in this area. Chronic pain is a major issue globally and as a massage therapist it will be invaluable to be able to complement other practitioners in client support and treatment.

Martina and I have set up a business together and once we emerge form this latest lockdown I will be able to really start my learning as I work with her and a diversity of clients.

It has been such a crazy and busy time and I feel pretty lucky to have had such generosity of time and knowledge by those around me to enable the pursuit of my passions. I am looking forward to the next month to see what it will bring.

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