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Life to your years or years to your life?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

One of my interests is healthy aging and one of my favourite researchers for health related topics is Dr Sarah McKay who explores issues thoroughly and has a strong evidence base for her research and opinion. I attended her Neuroscience Academy a few years ago and she is continually updating her knowledge and debunking myths.

I recently revisited her blog on How to nurture a Healthy Brain for life and just love the relatable way she writes and practical advice. For me I try and eat fresh, local and seasonal and you can see my attempt to grow veggies on my small apartment balcony in the photo which keeps me honest until my weekly deliveries from Angelica Organic Farm kick back in. Of course I have to supplement as I just don't have the space but I can support local farmers. As food is my biggest challenge in the list below I try and minimise the temptations at home and having veggies delivered makes that easier.

Her key points are;

  1. The best exercise for your brain is physical exercise

  2. Eat real food, not too much and mostly plants

  3. Get more sleep

  4. Challenge your mind

  5. Find your place or moment of calm

  6. Connect with family and friends

  7. Seek out meaning and purpose

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