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Coming out of Covid - what are you afraid of?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

It is with absolute awe that I have observed how the amazing massage community has managed this crisis. The innovation, the creativity, the insightfulness, support and the sheer persistence of some practitioners/managers has been inspiring to watch. Some standouts for me have been Karl Lester, Liz Sharkey and Elicia and James Crook. Hills Massage have made me laugh with their authenticity and humour, a critical key to survival.

As an inexperienced and very part-time massage therapist I haven't felt that I could contribute much but could learn lots about resilience and staying front of mind with your clients in a sector that was suddenly and mercilessly shut down. Despite overwhelming information and often contradiction on multiple fronts about how to emerge and recover, there is so much reason for optimism once this time has passed.

Personally, this crisis necessitated a change in my business model. You can give up or you can take an opportunity and for me that was to clarify what I want and reconnect with my own values and beliefs. I am still working out exactly how that will look but feel much more confident about my path.

What am I afraid of? Not learning from this crisis - individually, as a profession, as a country and as a global economy. We have to do things differently, challenge and stop destructive traditions and continue innovation and support for our local economy and environment if we are to continue sustainably into the future. How about you? What are you afraid of?

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